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Commission spaces available in 2024!

As a portrait artist, I believe that capturing the character of the subject is the most important part of the process. I use your photographs to draw from and these are absolutely key. I cannot stress enough the importance of good quality photographs - the better quality the photos, the better the portrait will be.

Please have a look at my
guide to photographing your pet (or human!) below to get the best reference pictures.


Single Subject | Head & Collar

A5   6" x 8"            £195               £220
15cm x 21cm 

A4   8" x 12"         £325               £385
21cm x 30cm

A3  12" x 16"         £445               £520
30cm x 42cm

A2  12" x 16"         Price based on individual                42cm x 60cm                 customer's brief

*A £50 non-refundable deposit is required in order to secure your booking in my diary


*Please add an additional 30% per subject

*Scenic backgrounds can be added at an additional cost depending on difficulty

*Thinking of a different size? Contact me for a quote.

*If you would like a full-body portrait instead of a traditional head portrait, again, please contact me for a quote as some sizes are unsuitable for a full body.

Paper Size       Graphite       Colour

High Resolution: Clear, sharp photos that display a lot of detail are best. Zoom in on your photo; if you can clearly see the fine details in the eyes, nose and hair, then it is a suitable photo to draw from.


Lighting: Photos taken in natural daylight work much better than photos taken indoors with artificial lighting. Avoid direct sunlight, however.


Avoid Flash: Flash often masks much detail in a photo and can cause unflattering shadows, red eye or glowing eyes.


Avoid Digital Zoom on Mobile Phones: This is great for everyday snaps but these zoomed photos are lower quality and I recommend avoiding using it.


Get Down To Their Level: You have a better vantage point doing this and can see clearly into their eyes - one of the most important parts!


I work in a realistic and highly detailed style in both graphite and coloured pencil and my drawings are created using professional lightfast pencils and acid-free paper so your artwork will last a lifetime.

As an optional extra, I can offer a unique framing service so that your portrait is ready to hang upon receiving. Each frame is custom-made to fit the exact measurements of your portrait. I understand that framing is a very personal choice and should you decide to have your portrait framed, I will work closely with you to ensure the best result. Framed or unframed, I ensure excellent protective packaging during transit and I do ship globally.

Rohanna Aston Labradoodle portrait drawing
Rohanna Aston Cockapoo portrait drawing

I pride myself on a guaranteed likeness so the more photos, the better. I am always open to helping you choose so feel free to send me as many as you like.

Rollover to see likeness guarantee


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